2 Daily Habits You Need To Really Believe In Yourself

Believing in yourself is a requirement for success.

There’s no getting around that.

Think of a truly successful individual you know: do they believe in themselves and their ability? You bet they do.

Take Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs and Mark Cuban – their confidence undoubtedly took them to the top, and helped them changed the world.

They believed in themselves, so other people believed in them too.

People like this, the people that we read about in magazines, they’ve all had to push through adversity and fail over and over again to find the way that works.

This is something that you need to learn – whether you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner. Whoever you are, you’re going to fail or hit a bump in the road. If you don’t have the confidence to keep going, it’s going to wipe you out!

But fully believing in yourself is really hard isn’t it?

Here’s 2 daily habits you should introduce into your daily routine to foster self-belief:

  1. Self-talk

I’m going to go out on a limb here, and guess that you listen to yourself more than you talk to yourself. Am I right?

The problem with this is that by listening we put ourselves in the position of a victim. Talking to yourself shifts you into the position of a master instead!

Let’s think about it this way, how do you earn your money? You tell yourself to do it, to go to work. If you don’t do, you won’t earn any money at all. The same goes for self-belief, it’s not enough to think positive thoughts or wishing for it, you need to earn it by doing. That means telling yourself over and over again that you can and you will.

Self-talk feels weird to all of us at first, but I guarantee the results can be mind-blowing.

So this week, talk to yourself – but don’t just think positive thoughts. Talk to yourself like you’re a champion – “I can do anything I put my mind to!”. This will recondition your thought processes – you’ll no longer be giving discouraging thoughts any power!

During your next day at work, earn money and self-belief at the same time with self-talk.

  1. Keep a “Gratitude Journal”

What’s a gratitude journal? A gratitude journal allows you to keep track of your wins.

Let me explain. The second way we struggle to find self-belief isn’t just through listening more than we talk to ourselves, it’s also through our instinct to count our losses.

Loss of a big deal, loss of a client, loss of money. We have a tendency to count them all.

We really want to be counting our wins! Capture them in a journal – whether that’s daily wins or weekly wins it doesn’t matter. Finding the good that takes place fosters self-belief – you will look at all the great things you’ve done, and feel confident that even greater things are coming!

The final word

These two simple-yet-effective daily habits can transform your life. Start the self-talk and capture your wins from here on out. Finally find the self-belief you’ve always wanted to have and use that to smash your goals: this year and every one after that!