5 Fool-Proof Ways To Build Trust As An Affiliate Marketer

Unfortunately, there’s a big stigma attached to affiliate marketing.

“It must be a scam”.

“Affiliate marketers just trick readers – they don’t disclose that they’re associated with these companies”.

Fortunately, largely that isn’t the case – with many affiliate marketers taking a transparent approach. Disclosing affiliate links and being yourself is the path to building trust – the REAL key to success in affiliate marketing. Build an audience, a following and a community with these 5 fool proof ways to build trust as an affiliate marketer:

  1. Listen to your audience

The Edelman Trust Barometer found that out of 31,000 respondents, 62 percent said that they love brands who listen to their questions and provide answers

If you have a blog, encourage them to ask questions. Then give them what they want by answering them. This kind of personalised content resonates with readers and keeps them coming back for more. Blogging isn’t a one-way street!

You can also host a questionnaire on Survey Monkey to get feedback from your readers – then tailor your content around their answers.

  1. Provide value and have a purpose

You might ask “Is this really necessary?”. Well, I can tell you that the most successful, wealthy affiliates have held this philosophy.

“If you work to offer a good product or service, people will want to acquire it without price being the main factor for deciding to get it or not.” – Warren Buffet

A similar premise works in affiliate marketing. Many affiliates – inexperienced and experienced – leave value on the side-lines. In this quote Buffet is talking about price being the wrong thing to focus on, and in Affiliate Marketing, quantity is.

Don’t just throw lots of useless content out there in the hope that someone will click one of your affiliate links. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity because both are equally important. Produce content with your readers in mind! That means recommending products you’ve actually used yourself. Providing valuable content that will help them somehow is vital in building a following – so utilise this as a long-term strategy.

  1. Give them free stuff

Whether that’s an eBook or a collection of articles, offering freebies to subscribers is an effective tool used by the big names in online marketing to attract and convert readers. Build your email list and build your community by giving.

  1. Be consistent

All affiliate marketers lose motivation to post regularly – it won’t make a difference if you skip a post this week, right? Actually, it could. Ana Hoffman found that once you’ve posted between 21-54 pieces, blog traffic increases by up to 30% (http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/how-blogging-increases-lead-generation/). Now that’s a number I like!

One great post really can make all the difference – if you blog consistently, you will gain more readers. The bottom line is this: you can’t build an audience if they forget about you.

  1. Pay attention to the details

Building trust requires attention to the finer aspects of your marketing. If you’re an affiliate marketer with a blog, the small details – like your site seal – could be what turns readers away when they make a buying decision. The Baymard Institute found that certain seals such as Norton give customers the best sense of trust, whilst others such as Geotrust and Comodo provide the least amount (http://baymard.com/blog/site-seal-trust). As something most people wouldn’t even consider, this shows just how much everything matters. Be thorough.

The final word

Customers don’t buy from business’; they buy from people they trust. You can find success as an affiliate marketer if you’ve found an audience and take every opportunity you can to help them somehow.

After all, content marketing gives us the ability to do what traditional marketing doesn’t – to reach people and meet their needs in interesting ways. Whether that involves listening to them, providing value, or paying attention, you’ll gain their trust.