The Fastest Way To Get Rich Is Not What You Would Expect

I’m going to tell you something that will surprise you.

Or, Billionaire Venture Capitalist Chris Sacca will. He recently did an interview with Entrepreneur and it is blowing people’s minds.

This man has done pretty well for himself. He’s made the kinds of money moves that most people would need a crystal ball for. I guess that’s why people are calling him a visionary.

As well as rocking Cowboy shirts better than anyone, this man invested in Twitter, Uber, Instagram and Kickstarter before they got famous. Now that’s a lucky streak! Or is it?

According to the man himself, it’s not luck at all, and we can all do it – it’s just something we would never think of.

“My best piece of advice for the quickest way to get rich is to not spend any of your money, and then you’ll have more than you need,” Sacca told Entrepreneur. “People get out ahead of themselves in debt with spending on all of their desires. But if you learn to live pretty simply and well, well under your means, you feel incredibly, incredibly rich and that frees you up and gives you the option to start something new, to leave the job you’re not excited about, where there might be a glass ceiling on you. Just don’t spend your money and you’re well on your way to becoming a millionaire.”

But have most billionaires done this to get to where they are today?

Sacca provides Travis Kalanick as an example. Kalanick, a former door-to-door knife salesman and the co-founder and CEO of Uber, is making billions . But there is one thing he has in common with Sacca:

“Just yesterday Travis posted a pic of himself flying Southwest Airlines, coach class, on his way home for Father’s Day. This guy is worth $11 billion dollars on paper and yet is riding in the back of the bus still, so I don’t think showiness correlates to success necessarily.”

So if you’re looking to get rich, these useful case studies actually suggest that you’ll need to save your cash. If you looking into how to quit a job and find financial freedom, living simply might just be the way to do that.

As Sacca says, “You don’t get rich blowing your money, that’s for sure”.